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“We have chosen the Tourist-in-Europe program for our destinations in Region Västerbotten. The mystery tourists will help us to view our destinations from a customer perspective. The program engages, inspires, and shows good examples and the areas where we can improve. Tourist-in-Europe will also reward superb service achievements by sending “Thank you for superb service-cakes” to the service providers who give the mystery tourists superb service. Tourist-in-Europe gives us real value for money and quick and clear reports with benchmarking between the destinations on several areas which our tourists experience. In addition, the local companies can order extra mystery shopping, SSQ Hospitality or participate in SSQ Award which can give them even more support in the work with improving quality. This program really helps us to improve and be even more competitive, and encourages all destinations to give superb service and be great hosts”   

Annika Sandström, Project manager, Västerbottens Turism.
Please contact us for more details and the latest data.
Total score per destination
The Tourist in Europe
concept evaluates how
tourists are welcomed to destinations in Europe.
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